CoinFi is available on Kucoin!

CoinFi available on Kucoin!

CoinFi is available for purchase on the Kucoin exchange starting January 29, 2018; more information is available here.

CoinFi is available for purchase on the Kucoin exchange starting January 29, 2018; more information is available here.



CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge.

CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge.

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  • Airdrop
  • Token Unlock
  • Kucoin Listing
  • Public Beta Launch
Total Token Supply ~300,000,000
Ticker Symbol COFI
Hard Cap On Raise $15M USD
Airdrop Amount 500 COFI

Platform Mechanics

How The CoinFi Ecosystem Works

Bringing Wall Street Level Trading Intelligence To The Blockchain

CoinFi is the first decentralized market intelligence platform for crypto. It all starts with the CoinFi token.

Being a CoinFi token holder gives you access to CoinFi's cutting edge crypto financial intelligence through two primary channels: 1) financial media and 2) trading technology.

Cryptocurrency Financial Media
Research, Analysis, & Market Moving News

The media side of CoinFi's platform offers crypto research, analysis, and market moving news, overlaid on top of real-time price charts.

While crypto research, analysis, and news already exists on the internet, there is still no single canonical source that surfaces all of the relevant market intelligence a crypto trader needs to stay on top of the markets, the same way a Bloomberg Terminal does for equities traders.

Fundamental value exists in digging below the surface. Not every investor has the time to scroll through Twitter, Reddit, forums, Slack/Telegram groups, Google, etc. in order to uncover hidden threads that may be relevant for trading. Diving deep often reveals valuable information to investors and traders, but is a time consuming activity.

Our technology systems aggregate this information and our in-house editorial team curates and filters the incoming news articles to ensure only the most important items are shown for optimum signal-to-noise ratio, saving you time and energy on research.

In addition, community analysts who uncover and publish useful information vetted by CoinFi’s crowdsourced fact-checking system and in-house moderation team are rewarded by the CoinFi ecosystem via tokens.

Trading Technology
Signals, Algorithms, & Bots

The technology side of CoinFi’s platform brings Wall Street caliber tools to the crypto market, and makes them available to the everyday crypto investor.

At the moment there are only a very limited range of signals and tools available in the crypto market. In fact, CoinFi’s very first trading signal was created when co-founder Timothy Tam started trading crypto on the side and realized he didn’t have access to any of the tools he used as hedge fund manager.

CoinFi's technology platform offers trading signals, trading algorithms, automated trading bots and data feeds. The platform includes in-house tools developed by ex-Wall Street technologists, as well as a marketplace that provides access to crowdsourced trading signals. Users who contribute their trading signals will receive CoinFi tokens commensurate to the community's assessment of their value.

Watch the videos to see some examples of trading signals that CoinFi has developed.

How Does The CoinFi Token Fit In This Ecosystem?

The CoinFi token (COFI) has 2 primary utility functions – it not only unlocks access to CoinFi’s market intelligence platform, it also helps reward community contributors for contributing their research, analysis, news tips, and trading signals to the CoinFi ecosystem.

Access to the token unlocks 3 tiers of access to the CoinFi market intelligence platform:

Basic Access

User stakes 10k COFI tokens. *

Requiring tokens remain staked helps reward token holders and reduces price volatility.

  • Market moving news feed
  • Most research & analysis
  • Basic trading signals
  • Advanced portfolio management tools
* subject to change, note this minimum requirement is not applicable to token sale participants

Premium Access

User pays subscription fee in COFI tokens and also stakes for Basic Access.

All features in Basic, plus:
  • Premium research & analysis
  • Real time alerts via email, SMS, and push notifications
  • Algorithms (e.g. best execution price)
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Advanced data feeds

Auction Exclusive Access

Auction bids require COFI tokens.

Certain platform features have decaying value as the number of users with access increases. To preserve the value of these features, access will be granted on an auction basis to determine the market price.

  • Advanced trading signals
  • Arbitrage bot
  • More to come!

In addition to these paid tiers, there will be a free tier.

Free Access

Any user can always access the basic CoinFi financial media platform.

In order to build a following and gain traction in the space, we will always offer the basic financial media platform functionality for free to the cryptocurrency community. Similar to Google Finance or Yahoo Finance, this level of access provides news stories overlaid on top of basic interactive price charts for all the major altcoins, along with a basic portfolio management tool.

Community Contributors Unlocking The Wisdom Of The Crowd

On the other side of the coin - no pun intended – CoinFi has a community of contributors who get rewarded for their work via CoinFi tokens. These community members provide the crowdsourced intelligence that helps power the CoinFi platform.

On the media side, contributors are incentivized to provide research, analysis, real time news tips, as well as fact checking services.

On the technology side, contributors provide trading signals, access to which is auctioned off in the CoinFi Marketplace.

Quality Assurance

How does the CoinFi platform ensure rewards are distributed fairly and quality is maintained?

Any content provided by a contributor, whether it’s research, analysis, a news tip, or a trading signal – is run through several layers of filtering to ensure that users can access the wisdom of the crowds while avoiding the noise.

Crowdsourced Fact Checking

First, there is a crowdsourced fact checking and peer review layer to ensure that all contributor content is vetted by the community.

In-house Moderation & Editorial Team

CoinFi’s in-house team of moderators acts as the final filtering layer in the ecosystem. They monitor the platform for bad actors, fraud, and attempts to game the system for token rewards.

The end result is a platform that surfaces high level research and analysis, timely market-moving news, and incentivizes the development of cutting edge trading tools that are a critical part of the workflow of every trader, fund manager, and crypto investor.

Peer Review

All users in the CoinFi ecosystem also have the ability to vote and downvote. Furthermore, each user has their identity verified through the blockchain to prevent Sybil attacks (otherwise known as sock puppets); they are also assigned a trust score based on their past actions on the platform.

CoinFi’s trust score algorithm processes this information to help surface quality content, while pushing down and rejecting false information.

Automated quality assurance filters include:

  • Identity verification via blockchain
  • Spam blacklist
  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Machine learning spam detection algorithms


Timothy Tam
Timothy Tam

10+ years in equities trading and hedge funds. Started his career in Goldman Sachs Asia, before working as a senior trader in two Asia hedge funds each with $1+ billion assets under management. In his last role he was cofounder of an Asia Long Short Hedge Fund that specialized in event trading.

Han Chang
Han Chang

Master's in Computer Science from Boston University. Early Bitcoin investor, founded a Chinese Bitcoin exchange; previously at MIT Lincoln Labs, OkCupidLabs, and Lime Brokerage. 8+ years of professional experience developing web applications serving 10M+ users as well as writing black box equity trading algorithms.

Nate Tsang
Nate Tsang

Holds a Juris Doctor from UAlberta Law. 7+ years of experience as a growth hacker in media startups as well as developing multiple web properties that have cumulatively grown from zero to 10M+ pageviews. Cofounder of a keyword intelligence platform for digital marketers, acquired in 2016.

Laplie Anderson
Laplie Anderson
Lead Engineer

Bachelor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. Experience at IBM and Lime Brokerage; served as lead developer / financial systems architect managing an engineering team that built low latency trading platforms at OpenBondX and Lime Brokerage. Expert in the design and architecture of trading systems.

Duc Tran
Duc Tran
Research Analyst

Master's from Princeton University. Experienced research analyst who has deep consulting experience in the financial services industry investigating the impact of fiscal and government policy on market movements. Experienced with statistical methods using STATA, R, and Excel.

Jon Myers
Jon Myers
Product and Design

Founder of 5+ startups, combining a mix of psychology, economics, and business strategy to leverage product design and turn it into economic value. Advisor for multiple successful ICOs including Astronaut Capital and SelfKey.

Glen Thomson
Glen Thomson
Director of Operations

Seasoned entrepreneur with successful exit, founder and CEO of search engine optimization agency CiteWorks, avid early-stage cryptocurrency investor, award winning photographer.

Dominic Wells
Dominic Wells
Director of Content

Online business owner since 2012, achieved over $1 million dollars in revenue for 2017 with 20+ staff members distributed globally, featured multiple times on, conference speaker for digital entrepreneurs.

Nav Aulakh
Nav Aulakh
Community Manager

Programmatic digital media planner who moved client side, helping tech SaaS startups with community management and marketing. Experienced crypto investor with a background in Mathematical Risk Management (BSc) and Financial Engineering (MSc).

David Danzeiser
David Danzeiser
PPC Marketing Manager

Paid Marketing Manager at Thrive Themes, a leading WordPress theme development provider focused on conversion optimization; regularly handles six figure pay-per-click campaigns and expert at driving Facebook community engagement.

Sam Peacey
Sam Peacey
Fullstack Web Engineer

Experienced fullstack web engineer, multi-talented with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript including jQuery, Promises, ES6, await/async, React, Babel; has set up continuous integration and automated testing environments as well as scaled multiple production web applications.

Alex Lascus
Alex Lascus
Community Support

Internet marketing expert with over 5 years experience in Advertising and Community Management. Passionate about anything that’s related to social media and cryptocurrencies.

Elliot Sommers
Elliot Sommers
Community Support

Senior majoring in Management Information Systems at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul. Background in corporate IT support and technical consulting. Early blockchain investor and active day trader.

Tanushree Jain
Tanushree Jain
Community Support

Experienced Customer Relationship Manager and Researcher with an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Bentley University, MA. Passionate about new technology, transitioned from a background in Biotechnology (MSc) to cryptocurrency.

Advisory Board

Roger Lim
Roger Lim

Experienced angel and blockchain investor, serving as director of the Qlink Foundation. Advisor for Bluzelle, SelfKey, TheKey. Partner of VC firm specializing in tech investments in China. Successful entrepreneur who founded and grew WebVisions, a cloud hosting company, to 200+ employees and 26k+ customers.

Tom Howard
Tom Howard

Blockchain investor and founder of Block Republic, investing community providing research, education, tools, and industry connections for cryptocurrency investors and founders, which runs one of the first crypto job boards. Previously founder and CEO of Digital Engine, a rapid prototyping software development studio in San Francisco.

Lester Lim
Lester Lim

Blockchain investor and founder of a global private syndicate investing in top ICOs. Marketing Strategy Advisor for SelfKey. Online business owner, digital marketing strategist and Facebook ads specialist, having done 7-figures in revenue and over 30,000 customers from all over the world for his information and software business.

Sandra Wu
Sandra Wu

Committee member of the Association of Corporate Counsel's Blockchain Advisory Board. 10+ years of legal experience in M&A, corporate & securities law and private equity fund formation. Currently Head of Legal and Chief Compliance Officer for a global asset management company managing US$23B+ in the Asia Pacific region. Advises ICOs on operational, structuring, legal, & regulatory compliance.

Erika Evasdottir
Erika Evasdottir

Graduate of Harvard with 12+ years legal experience in New York and Asia. Advised Wall Street firms on M&A, US & HK Corporate and Securities Law. Erika was the Head of Legal, Corporate Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer for Pine River Capital, a $11 Billion USD hedge fund.

Alexander Svanevik
Alexander Svanevik

Data Science Manager at Schibsted Media Group, 8+ years of experience currently leading a group of 7 data scientists to create business value from data. Previously a management consultant at BearingPoint as well as cofounder of Codeus Artificial Intelligence. Experienced crypto trader who runs ICO Whitelists.

Nate Ginsburg
Nate Ginsburg

Entrepreneur, investor, international speaker with successful 7 figure exits. Nate has been an early mover in the crypto space, is passionate about decentralization technologies, distributed teams, finance, and yoga. Nate also manages a self funded 7 figure crypto portfolio.

Zachary Pardes
Zachary Pardes

Integrated communications professional with 10 years of experience leading earned media campaigns for Virgin, E*TRADE, B2R Finance, Citi, and Managed $1M+ digital strategies for NYC / Silicon Valley startups. Master's from Northwestern University.

Bernard Huang
Bernard Huang

Distribution Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley seed fund that was an early stage investor in companies like Twilio, Credit Karma, and Grab. Previously, lead growth marketer at 42Floors. Currently running Clearscope, a content performance optimization SaaS product.

Julia Kastner
Julia Kastner

Graduate of Harvard Business School and has worked as a Senior Product Manager in General Assembly, an education startup that has raised a total of $120M. Currently at Two Sigma, a $51 billion investment firm that makes decisions based on data science.

Tommy Griffith
Tommy Griffith

Previously the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manager at Paypal and AirBnB and is the founder of ClickMinded, a marketing education firm; responsible for driving exponential organic growth in online traffic for several multinational corporations.

Amanda Lu
Amanda Lu

CPA with 9+ years experience providing accounting, tax, financial management, and investment advisory services to private investment vehicles and high net worth individuals. Founder of XLConsulting which specializes in accounting, tax, and financial management services to established crypto companies, start-ups, and investors.

Grant Charge
Grant Charge

Seasoned veteran in Sales and Marketing, having successfully sold in industries as diverse and varied as ICT, Commercial Real Estate and E-commerce. Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified Professional.

Tim Sutton
Tim Sutton

Co-founder and COO of PPC Agency Launchpresso. Experienced Internet Marketer for 4+ years in SEO, PPC & Conversion Rate Optimization. Tim is a Blockchain advocate and has backgrounds in retail stockbroking and financial markets.



The roadmap outlined below is subject to change based on user feedback, market conditions, and the competitive landscape; it is merely intended as an overview to explain the features that CoinFi intends to implement on the platform.

  • News and content aggregation overlaid on price charts per cryptocurrency
  • Obtain minute-level historical price data and market data feeds for cryptocurrencies
  • Develop editorial procedures, begin in-house compilation of news aggregation on existing cryptocurrencies
  • Search and filter functionality
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Social functionality including upvote/downvote and sharing
  • Prototype of machine learning algorithms for content classification, quality assurance, and fraud detection
  • Public beta of platform released
  • Custom cryptocurrency portfolio dashboard
  • Custom newsfeed / watchlist
  • Custom email subscriptions for specific cryptocurrency newsfeeds
  • Allow users to follow others’ portfolios
  • Initial beta versions of trading signals (see below)
  • Accept staked tokens for advanced functionality and premium subscriptions
  • Sentiment analysis of real-time news data per cryptocurrency
  • Accept community content contributions
  • Abnormal volatility detection
  • Abnormal price movement detection
  • Abnormal volume detection
  • Increased social mention detection
  • Best price exchange identification
  • Best currency pair identification
  • Source code release detection
  • Launch premium subscription for trading signals
  • Accept community contributed trading signals
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
  • TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price)
  • BWAP (Block Weighted Average Price)
  • Sniper
  • % of Volume
  • Target Close
  • Implementation Shortfall
  • Launch premium subscription for trading algorithms
  • Accept community contributed trading algorithms
  • Develop auction platform
  • Private auctions
  • Dutch auction
  • Reverse auction
  • Build ability to leave reviews on vendor quality
  • Escrow service for auction payment
  • Platform architecture for custom signals
  • UI/UX for developing custom signals
  • Drag and drop functionality to combine signals
  • Custom alerting

How CoinFi Brings Wall Street Level Trading Intelligence To The Blockchain

Trading Signals
Hedge Fund Caliber Trading Signals

Access to both in-house proprietary and crowdsourced trading signals built using proven hedge fund models that give traders an edge in capturing alpha.

Read More
Real Time News
Real Time Informational Advantage

Crowdsourced real time alerts on curated, relevant, market moving news and events tailored to individual traders to help them generate better trade ideas.

Read More
Trading Signals
Trading Algorithms Built With Wall Street Tech

Algorithms designed by Wall Street professionals using statistical arbitrage modeling and other advanced techniques to guarantee that traders always get "best execution" price.

Read More
Trading Signals
Decentralization of Wall Street

Stop Wall Street centralization and join a token economy that intelligently leverages the wisdom of the crowd to provide news, research, analysis, financial models, and trading signals.

Read More


Trading Signals

Hedge Fund Caliber Trading Signals

Market inputs such as price, volume, social signals, and news, will be fed into in-house and user contributed models that are overlaid with machine learning algorithms to output intelligent trading signals.

These signals can generate real-time alerts via SMS, email, push notifications, or API webhooks to notify traders about changes in market conditions.

Traders who use these signals to detect abnormal market movements can act quickly to capitalize on the information to capture alpha with winning trades.

Identify Whale Price Manipulation

Using the same quantitative models that many high frequency hedge funds use in the equities markets, CoinFi can easily detect market manipulation and abnormal price action caused by whales.

Learn More

Detect Coins That Are About To Moon

CoinFi's algorithms take inputs such as price, volume, volatility and run them through battle tested Wall Street derived black box quantitative and statistical models that give early warning for impending abnormal price movements.

Learn More

Real Time Informational Advantage

Right now trying to find urgent trading news, alerts and abnormal price movements is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Information is distributed on multiple channels such as Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

There is no quick or easy way to answer daily recurring questions from traders such as:
  • What are the coins in the last 24 hours that have abnormal price and volume?
  • What is the historical market moving news for this coin so I can get up to speed?
  • Where are the high quality research thought pieces on this particular coin?

The CoinFi database will enable users to monitor and analyze real-time crypto market news in ways that are currently impossible with existing tools. Crowdsourcing and machine learning algorithms surface the highest quality and most relevant financial analysis.

Real Time News

Find Me All The Relevant News That Caused NEO To Moon

Quickly get up to speed with any coin’s history with relevant news stories strategically curated via machine learning, overlaid on historical price data.

Coming Soon

Display All The In-depth Research Pieces About OmiseGo (OMG)

Easily uncover high quality financial analysis generated by thought leaders to gain insights that allow traders to quickly get up-to-speed on a new coin.

Coming Soon

Trading Algorithms

Trading Algorithms Built With Wall Street Technology

CoinFi algorithms designed by Wall Street professionals use statistical arbitrage modeling to guarantee that traders always get "best execution" price.

"Best execution" price includes buying on the cheapest exchange and/or currency pair in addition to protective measures against other traders from placing orders ahead of you.

CoinFi internal modeling shows an average savings of 0.5% per trade - for traders that place an average of 1 trade per day, that adds up to an additional ROI of 182% a year.

Cloak Your Trading And Minimize Frontrunning

CoinFi is porting the same trading algorithms hedge fund managers use such as VWAP, Sniper, Iceberg, Implementation Shortfall, and Inline to cloak and enhance your trading behavior to give you order execution advantages.

Coming Soon

Consistently Identify The Best Priced Exchange

Quickly and effortlessly determine which exchange can give you the "best execution" price taking into account currency pair pricing, volatility, and liquidity to squeeze out additional profits that would otherwise get left on the table.

Coming Soon

Decentralizing Wall Street

Right now only the elites paying hundreds of thousands a year have access to Goldman Sach’s stock research reports and proprietary trading models and secret algorithms. With Wall Street rapidly moving into the cryptocurrency space, it’s more imperative than ever that a decentralized platform exists which shares news, signals, financial models, trading signals and algorithms with the entire community.

The CoinFi token economy is a sustainable ecosystem that incentives researchers, analysts, curators, and coders to contribute. It is designed to intelligently rewards users on the quality of their contributions.

Scientific evidence consistently proves that a crowd of intelligent investors offer more insights and make better predictions. The CoinFi token empowers these crowds. Join us and we can make better predictions than the Goldman Sachs analyst making $1 million USD a year.

Decentralization of Wall Street

Incentivize Exposure of Bad Actors

Investigative members of the community can earn both financial and social rewards on CoinFi for performing due diligence into "shitcoins" and exposing bad actors within the crypto ecosystem.

Deep and Wide Altcoin Coverage

CoinFi has the incentive structure to encourage more research and publications on up-and-coming altcoins which may not receive mainstream coverage due to the lack of market size.

Diversified Opinions

As an independent platform, CoinFi supports a wider diversity of opinion; currently many financial journalists are incentivised to publish only positive research which disservices the industry.

Inclusivity and the Wisdom of the Crowds

With a strong community, CoinFi can leverage the crowds and rally technologists to collaborate and build better trading technology than Wall Street, enabling access for everyone.


Understanding the CoinFi Token

The CoinFi token (COFI) will be a ERC-20 compatible token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, defined by an open source smart contract, and used for transactions on the CoinFi platform.

Lock and Stake To Obtain Premium Functionality

Users will have to lock and stake the CoinFi token in order to obtain access to advanced functionality on the CoinFi platform such as customizable news feeds, dashboards, alerts and premium trading signals and algorithms.

Staking encourages long term holding of the token, thus reducing speculation and price volatility.

Compensation For Community Content Contributions

Crowdsourced content providers receive COFI based on the quality of their contributed material determined by metrics measuring the popularity of a piece of content. Further details are available on the white paper.

Compensation for the seeding of content from early adopters will come from the CoinFi Foundation which will retain 20% of the tokens at genesis for distribution to community contributors.

Act as Unit of Value in Auctions of Exclusive Content

Highly exclusive content whose value decays once accessed will require an auction mechanism to restrict distribution and determine the market price for that content.

These auctions will only accept COFI as the unit of bidding to ensure that CoinFi community members have privileged access to this type of valuable content.

Long Term Value Accretion In The Token Ecosystem

The cost to crowdsource the content is lower than the accumulated price users are willing to pay for the content as measured in COFI. As a result, the buy-side demand for COFI (users who require COFI to access the content) will exceed the sell-side demand for COFI (content contributors who receive COFI in exchange for premium content), thus creating long term demand for the CoinFi token.

Token Distribution

The distribution of CoinFi tokens will be as follows:

  • 16.7% is raised in a presale to early investors.
  • 33.3% is raised in a public token sale with the funds raised allocated to the company for the development of the product.
  • 30% retained by company shareholders.
  • 20% retained by the CoinFi Foundation to incentivize partners and early adopters of the product.

Use Of Funds

The following is a projected use of the funds raised:

  • 40% for the continued development of the platform.
  • 20% for general staffing.
  • 20% for sales and marketing costs.
  • 10% for legal and compliance costs.
  • 10% for operational expenses.

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