How Bots Trick You Into Paying Higher Coin Prices


This video shows you how to detect automated bots that place orders automatically and trade ahead of you at your expense.

So why is this important?

Because if you aren’t aware of this, you as an investor end up paying a higher price for your coins.

Maybe you’re thinking: my coins are going to the moon anyways, why should I care about overpaying by a few % points?

The answer is everyone is a genius in a bull market – its easy to confuse a market run up with investing skill. But if you’re serious about getting positive expected value from your crypto investments – you need to be looking for positive ROI wherever you can find it so you can trade successfully in bull and bear markets.

Can you imagine professional traders happily paying a few % points extra on each transaction? Of course not, they squeeze out every basis point of cost-reduction they can find.

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